Where Do You Leave Your AVON Brochures?

So where do YOU leave your AVON brochures?

Here are some places to try!

Doctor’s Offices, Dentist’s Offices, Mechanic’s Waiting Room, Laundromats, College Campuses, On The Backs Of Stalls In Public Restrooms, The Library, Beauty Salon, Furniture Stores, Tax Preparation Office, Insurance Office, Orthodontist’s Office, Dry Cleaners, With The Clerk At The Fast Food Window, Ice Cream Shops, Eye Doctor’s Office, Bagel Shops, Donut Shops, Deli’s, ATM’s, Veterinarian’s Office, Nail Salons, Day Care Centers, Retirement Homes, Model Home Centers, Real Estate Offices, Quickie Marts, With Your Tip At A Restaurant, Grocery Store Clerks, Video Stores, Churches, Temporary Staff Offices, Flower Shops, Pet Stores, Bowling Centers, Benches At The Park, Sporting Goods Stores, School Administrative Offices, Drive Up Bank Tellers, Dance Studios, Athletic Clubs, Bakery, Print Shops, Craft Stores, Bus Stop Benches, With The Lady Walking By Pushing Her Baby In The Stroller, With The Lady Walking Her Dog, Tanning Salons, Fabric Stores, Pizza Parlor, Department Of Motor Vehicle, Toy Stores, Gas Station Attendants, Hallmark Or Party Stores, Bridal Stores, Post Office, With The Person Holding A Rummage Sale, The Ticket Person At The Zoo, Movie Theaters.


Remember to always keep extra brochures with you. You never know where you will find your next new customer or recruit.

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