The Value Of My Face

The Value Of My Face


Get a Customer Hooked on Avon Beauty Products…

Get a Customer For Life!

How Can I Become A Loyal Avon Customer?

Answer: Use Avon products and help others to use our products too.

When you sell Avon beauty products, your earnings can be up to 50% …and we have a lot of Representatives who are equal partners with Avon in their beauty sales.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Sell me a face cream that makes me look youthful and I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth for a second jar!

FEWER CUSTOMER DISAPPOINTMENTS: Because we manufacture these products, we have greater control over the inventory and rarely have to disappoint customers.

REPEAT BUSINESS: Once you sell the first jar of ANEW, for example…selling the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th is a lot easier!

So let’s have a look at the value of my face. This is what I do every single morning/night.

  • I cleanse with ANEW Anti-aging Reversalist Foaming Cream Cleanser.reversalist
  • I treat my skin with ANEW Anti-aging Clinical Pro Line Eraser.
  • I also use the ANEW Anti-aging Reversalist Express Dual Eye System.
  • I love ANEW Reversalist…so I have to use ANEW Anti-aging Reversalist Day Cream.
  • And at night, I repeat the above and change the day cream to  the ANEW Anti-aging Reversalist Night Cream.

That’s just to get my face ready for applying make-up…over $140 to get the face clean!

I’m not ready for the public yet…look what else I do. It’s hard to believe but I do this every single day and so do lots of women.

I start with foundation…then blush.Avon Color

On the eyes: Highlighting eye shadow…Contour eye shadow…Brow Definer…then eyeliner and mascara.

Still not done. Now it’s lip liner…then lipstick…and sometimes a gloss over that. Let’s not forget the face powder to set my make-up.

Another $47.00 plus.


     Cleanser – $10.00                              Foundation – $8.99
     Treatment – $39.99                          Blush – $7.50
     Day Cream – $32.00                        Hi-lighting Eye Shadow – $4.99
     Eye System – $30.00                       Contouring Eye Shadow – $4.99
     Night Cream – $32.00                     Brow Definer – $2.99
                                                                       Eye Liner – $3.99
                                                                       Mascara – $5.99
                                                                       Lipliner – $2.99
                                                                       Lipstick – $4.99

          Total $143.99                                         Total $47.42

                         TOTAL FACE = $191.41


But I’m still not done…let’s move on to the rest of the body…below the neck!Firm & Restore

I start off with shower gel…and deodorant.

I use SSS Firm & Restore Body Lotion.

I use matching hand lotion.

I use shampoo…conditioner…dry end serum…hair spray…nail polish…and fragrance. Another $69.24! I’m a pretty good Avon customer!


 Shower Gel – $ 4.00
Deodorant – $ .99
Firm & Restore Body Lotion – $ 8.50
Hand Lotion – $ 4.99
Shampoo – $ 2.89
Conditioner – $ 2.89
Dry End Serum – $ 7.00
Hair Spray – $ 3.99
Nail Polish – $ 3.99
Fragrance – $23.00
SSS Body Lotion – $ 7.00

     Total $ 69.24



I think I’m a pretty typical customer.

  • I buy products on sale when available, a lot of those items shown above were on sale.
  • All of these products I would replace about 5 times per year.
  • My value as a customer is approximately $1,300 per year.

I pay over $1,300 per year to get “that natural look”. Can you believe it? So imagine those women who wear more make-up…and what “their” value as a beauty customer would be!

What if you could find twenty customers, just like me? That would be approximately a $26,065 beauty business per year. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? You could be an Honor Society Member ($20,000 in sales) at that rate just with 20 customers.


Get a Customer Hooked On Avon Beauty!



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