Avon Fund-Raising Sample Letter

Avon Fund-Raising

Sample Letter


Name, Title and Address of Organization

Dear (Contact Person of Organization),

An Avon Fund-raiser is simple…

  1. When a group sells at least $1,500, their commission is 40%. Less than $1,500, the commission is 30%.
  2. The duration of the Fund-raiser event (i.e., one or two weeks) and the brochure or flyer to be used, is agreed upon up front.
  3. The cost of the brochures and any associated expenses will be estimated up front. The organization and the Avon Representative jointly determine how the expenses will be covered.
  4. Each customer will be charged a $.75 order-processing fee. Each participant is provided a brochure/flyer from which to take orders. Participants are provided with a collection envelope. Customers make their check out to the organization when they place their order with the participant.
  5. Each participant returns the order forms and money in the collection envelope to the contact person in charge at the school or organization.
  6. An Avon Representative collects the orders and 60% or 70% of the monies plus the $.75 customer order-processing fee, and orders the products from the local Avon distribution center.
  7. If the organization is tax exempt, Avon will need a copy of the organization’s tax-exempt certificate. If not, participants should collect appropriate tax.
  8. The products are delivered to the organization approximately two weeks from the time the orders are collected by the Avon Representative.


I look forward to answering any questions you may have. Please free free to contact me at (phone number) for further assistance.



First and last name


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Customer Growth Through Fund-Raisers

Customer Growth Through Fund-Raisers

“SUCCESS IDEAS” from the experts….

  • Order a Fund-Raiser Kit on your order – Cost $7.00. Ask for help and support.thumb_avon_fundraising_booklet_en
  • Make a list of all the clubs, schools and organizations that need to raise funds. Identify a “Key Contact” person in as many of these groups as possible. (Hint: Ask your customers, friends and relatives who they know).
  • Introduce yourself to the “Key Contact”. Set up a time to talk about fundraising with Avon. Sell the Avon benefits (reputation, guarantee, price, something for everyone!)
  • Skin care, Bath and Daily Needs products are best for fundraisers (also best for guaranteed delivery).
  • Fundraiser orders are delivered at no extra charge if delivered on your regular day to your regular delivery location. When necessary you can make special delivery arrangements additional costs will be charged to your account.
  • The “Fundraiser Specialists” at Avon are specially trained to help make your fundraiser a success. Contact them when you schedule a fundraiser event.
  • Fund Raiser Hotline Number – 1-800-288-3787


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Is Big Business in America, and a Great Way to Build Your Avon Business


  • Increase your earnings
  • Get more Customers
  • Achieve your President’s Recognition goals
  • Help local organizations to raise money



Even a small group can have a profitable Fund-Raiser…20 participants making $15 sales to just 10 Customers each can give you a $3,000 order:

  • You get 50% earnings in that campaign.Money Sign
  • You decide what percentage of that $1,500 will go to the Fund-Raising organization. The rest is your profit.
  • AND you’ll receive 50% earnings on ALL YOUR PERSONAL SALES in that campaign!

Representatives receive guaranteed 50% earnings and priority consideration on all registered fund-raisers conducted through the approved Fund-Raising Flyers available on yourAVON.com. Conducting full brochure fund-raisers is not recommended, as we cannot guarantee 50% earnings or product availability.

STEP 1: ORDER THE FUND-RAISING GETTING STARTED KITthumb_avon_fundraising_booklet_en

The Getting Started Booklet – answers all your questions about Fund-Raising and how to work with local organizations every step of the way. The cost is $7.00.


You can order any or all of the ready-to-use 4-color, glossy flyers for as little as $5.50 per pack of 25 and FREE Shipping!

You will find more information online about Fund-Raising under yourAvon.com, then “earning opportunities”, then “Fundraising”.

Image of the “dollar symbol” is courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Top 10 Reasons to Become an eRepresentative

Top 10 Reasons to Become an eRepresentative

  1. Customers would no longer feel stranded. Ever lose a customer because she moved away? Now you can still sell to her even if she is far away!
  2. Customers would have unlimited access to AVON.purchasing-689442_640They can shop online with you at their convenience 24/7.
  3. Customers have more flexibility and choice in shopping and delivery options. With the gas crunch these days, it is a great opportunity to give customers the option to have their order shipped directly to their house!
  4. Representatives have more flexibility to manage their own time. Great online tools, such as customer invoices and an address book, saves time and effort so that you can be more efficient.
  5. Enhanced targeted communication through forwardable emails. Your online address book and professional email templates will allow you to send emails to a targeted group of customers.
  6. Easy to use interactive tools that allow you to engage customers in new ways! Start writing your own blog for customers to get to know you or add a badge or storefront to your Facebook page to reach new customers!
  7. Incremental recruitment opportunities. Send prospective representatives to the “Representative Opportunity” page of your personalized web site and build your Downline!
  8. Representatives have personalized online stores. You are given a professionally merchandized Online store, personalized with your photo (if you choose) and contact information.
  9. Representatives can go on vacation and still make money. ipanema-beach-99388_640Your Online store is always accessible so even when you are sitting on the beach or camping in the mountains, you are still open for business!
  10. Where else can you make money in your sleep?


 More Reasons Why It Pays To Be An eRepresentative!

You know about the many benefits that come from being an eRepresentative…a personalized online store open 24/7, easy Customer Relationship Management tools and the opportunity to broaden you customer reach.

But did you also know that:

ALL Direct Delivery orders count towards your earnings level!

Representatives can achieve the next earnings level from a customer’s direct deliver order. That means that orders count toward:

  • Order Size (earnings) at the close of a campaign, an order size analysis is completed and if qualified, an earnings adjustment will be calculated for Representative placed orders.
  • Net Sales.
  • Award Sales for PRP Recognition (sales level).
  • Leadership Earnings and Bonuses (and District Commissionable Sales!)

Program Details:  

  • Direct Delivery customer orders will now accumulate in a campaign time frame and will count toward the Representative-placed campaign order(s).
  • Credit will be given in the next campaign in the form of an Earnings Adjustment. This applies to PWP purchases and AVON.com purchases when customers enter the Representative’s phone number, so it applies to ALL Representatives, not just eRepresentatives.


Your earnings can be deposited directly into your bank account – faster and easier than ever!IMG_0643

If your Direct Delivery business starts to grow at a rate that exceeds your traditional AVON business, your additional earnings will be deposited directly into your account, no trip to the bank necessary!

Program Details:

  • Your eSelling earnings must generate a credit balance of $25 or more on your Avon account.
  • If your eSelling earnings credits exceed that amount of your credit balance, the deposit will only be made in the amount of the credit balance.
  • Payments will be posted to your Avon account the 1st and 15th of each month in the amount of your eSelling earnings or the credit balance. Please allow 2 business days for your funds to be available in your bank account.

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Avon Prospecting Ideas For Customers & Recruits

Avon Prospecting Ideas For Customers & Recruits

Thought Starter:

Who do YOU know that…

  • has small children, and can use a break for herself? brothers-179375_640-1
  • is retired and can use outside contact to keep from getting bored or lonely?
  • would like to earn money to pay for a new car, new house or a child’s education?
  • is out of work or has a spouse who is?
  • is new in the neighborhood and would like to get to know her new neighbors?
  • recently complained about how expensive things are?

Have you heard of Markita Andrews? She’s the super sales person who, as a 13 year old, held the Girl Scout Cookie Selling Record of selling 10,000 boxes of cookies in one season (40,000 career total) and who, as an adult, continues practicing and teaching Sales Excellence.

She says the secret to selling is to ASK, ASK, ASK! No matter what or where you are, you’re selling!

If you don’t ask, chances are you won’t get! Many people fail because they don’t ask for what they want. The fear of rejection leads them astray. It takes courage to ask for what you want, but as Markita Andrews and many successful Representatives have discovered, is that it gets easier and easier to do the more you do it! Always asking is the key to successful recruiting!

Ask Over The Phone Or In Person!

When setting up the face-to-face appointment, woman-690036_640let your new recruit know that if she invites 3 people to take advantage of the Avon earning opportunity and they accept, Avon will reward her (depending on the leadership incentive at the time of appointment).

Also you can let her know that if she brings a friend to the appointment and her friend decides to become a Representative as well, you will have a special gift for both of them.

Use excess brochures to “soften” an area before you prospect. Leave brochures on doors, in the clear literature bags. Return a few days later to ring that doorbell, introduce yourself, and ASK FOR THE SALE! Conversations will start easy when you ask if they’ve received a book. If you’re too chicken to knock on the door, try looking up addresses (on whitepages.com) to find the phone numbers of the houses where you left brochures. If you FOLLOW UP, you are guaranteed more sales than if you don’t.


How Much Money Do You Want To Earn In A Month From Your Customers?

How Much Money Do You Want To Earn In A Month From Your Customers?

All the figures below use 30% of your orders as fixed earnings and 70% of your order as core products. The average order per customer used below is $25. IMG_0631This is a great breakdown of what is needed to accomplish your sales goals and earn the money that you need per month. I received this from a previous manager I had years ago and just wanted to share it with you. Hope it helps!

10 buying customers x $25 order = $250 in sales

  • Fixed products = $75 x 20% discount = $15 earnings
  • Core products = $175 x 30% discount = $52.50 earnings
  • $67.60 x 26 Campaigns = $1,755 per year
  • $1,755 / 12 months = $146.25 you earn per month

15 buying customers x $25 order = $375 in sales ($385 is President’s Club)

  • Fixed products = $112.50 x 20% discount = $22.50 earnings
  • Core products = $262.50 x 35% discount = $91.88 earnings
  • $114.38 x 26 Campaigns = $2,973.88 per year
  • $2,973.88 / 12 months = $247.82 you earn per month

20 buying customers x $25 order = $500 in sales (President’s Club)

  • Fixed products = $150 x 25% discount = $37.50 earnings
  • Core products = $350 x 40% discount = $140 earnings
  • $177.50 x 26 Campaigns = $4,615 per year
  • $4,615 / 12 months = $384.58 you earn per month

30 buying customers x $25 order = $750 in sales

  • Fixed products = $225 x 25% discount = $56.25 earnings
  • Core products = $525 x 40% discount = $210 earnings
  • $266.25 Campaigns = $6,922.50 per year
  • $6,922.50 / 12 months = $576.88 you earn per month

40 buying customers x $25 order = $1,000 in sales

  • Fixed products = $300 x 25% discount = $75 earnings
  • Core products = $700 x 45% discount = $315 earnings
  • $390 x 26 Campaigns = $10,140 per year
  • $10,140 / 12 months = $845 you earn per month

50 buying customers x $25 order = $1,250 in sales

  • Fixed products = $375 x 25% discount = $93.75 earnings
  • Core products = $875 x 45% discount = $393.75 earnings
  • $487.50 x 26 Campaigns = $12,675 per year
  • $12,675 / 12 months = $1,056.25 you earn per month

60 buying customers x $25 order = $1,500 in sales

  • Fixed products = $450 x 25% discount = $112.50 earnings
  • Core products = $1,050 x 45% discount = $472.50 earnings
  • $585 x 26 Campaigns = $15,210 per year
  • $15,210 / 12 months = $1,267.50 you earn per month

75 buying customers x $25 order = $1, 875 in sales

  • Fixed products = $562.50 x 25% discount = $140.63 earnings
  • Core products = $1,312.50 x 50% discount = $656.25 earnings
  • $796.88 x 26 Campaigns = $20,718.88 per year
  • $20,718.88 / 12 months = $1,726.57 you earn per month

100 buying customers x $25 order = $2,500 in sales

  • Fixed products = $750 x 25% discount = $187.50 earnings
  • Core products = $1750 x 50% discount = $875 earnings
  • $1062.50 x 26 Campaigns = $27,625 per year
  • $27,625 / 12 months = $2,302.08 you earn per month

Now that you know the break down. Decide how much you need each month. Set your goal, write them down and work towards that goal. Good luck! If you need help let me know.




How To Make Money With Avon

How To Make Money With Avon

  1. Keep your Avon money and personal money separate. international-debit-card-388996_1280Open up a checking account or use a loadable debit card for Avon, only.
  2. Watch your personal purchases. If you purchase something for yourself, bill yourself and write a check to cover the cost and deposit it in your Avon account.
  3. Don’t do heavy discounts. Avon does wonderful sales and even without sales, the products are very reasonably priced. A small free gift (lip balm, small hand cream, trial size shampoos, etc.) is a better idea if you want to offer something to your customers. It increases your award sales and introduces your customer to a new product that they may like and begin to order.
  4. Pay your Avon bill on time. As long as you maintain good credit with Avon, your orders will arrive on time, and your customers will be happy.
  5. Write up a breakdown of how your Avon profit will be handled. Example: 15% for business supplies (you may want to do more in the beginning to get your customer base built up), 10% into a savings plan, 25% for long term goals, 50% for short term goals.
  6. Be careful with inventory. Suggest to your customers that they buy two of a product they like. When they start the second one then they can let you know. It will give you time to find the product on sale and save them money which will make them happy. This way you don’t have inventory.Leadership
  7. Join Leadership. Avon’s Sales Leadership Opportunity is the best money making program available. Recruit and train other people to sell Avon, and you will make a profit on their sales. It takes hard work and commitment, but the financial return is tremendous. Avon’s Sales Leadership program has already made many millionaires. Remember you are starting your business and career with Avon.


Image Courtesy “Leadership” by David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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How To Increase Your Customer Base

How To Increase Your Customer Base

  1. Leave brochures everywhere you go. Doctor’s office, dentist’s office, pediatrician, bank, ATM machine, car service station, fast food restaurants, convenience stores.prod_5078230_xl
  2. Wear something Avon. Jewelry, clothing, perfume, etc. from the brochure will advertise your business. You can go to www.abutton4u.com to purchase Avon buttons.
  3. The Power of Three. Give a brochure to three people you don’t know each day and get their phone numbers to check back with them before your order goes in.
  4. Give two brochures to your customer. When you deliver your orders, give your customer two books and ask her to pass one along to a friend. Tell her she will get a free gift if her friend orders.
  5. Go canvassing. Pick a neighborhood and go door to door. Knock (yes, gulp!) on the door and introduce yourself. They are more likely to buy from you because you took the time to meet them. Offer a sample and a brochure. Ask for their phone number and right down their address.
  6. Canvas businesses. Fix up a pretty basket with samples and small items (lip balm, small hand creams, trial size products, samples, etc. ) and go to offices/businesses. Offer a brochure and something from your basket. Ask if you can call back to see if there are any orders. Staple a couple of pages from the order book on the front of the brochure for the employees to fill out.
  7. Get Helpers. Ask all your customers if they will take a brochure  to take to work with them. Offer to pay them in free Avon if they get orders for you. They will then become “helpers” which could be the backbone of your business.
  8. Leave brochures on your car. Get a small rack or shower caddy-type basket from the dollar store. When you go into a store or a shopping center, leave the basket/rack on the back of your car with books in it.
  9. Tossing. Don’t throw your old brochures away. Use them to go tossing. Prepare your brochure, put a flyer in them about the Avon opportunity and bag them up with the clear literature bags. Pick a neighborhood and toss them in the driveway and wait for people to call. Some representatives are very successful doing this.

How To Increase Your Avon Sales

How To Increase Your Avon Sales

  1. Call all your customers before you put your order in. Don’t be afraid of annoying them, you really aren’t. Many, many times when I’ve called customers they’ve said “oh, I’m so glad you called because I wanted to order something and I forgot to call you.” Just think of it as a reminder call. They receive the brochure sometimes a week or two in advance, they look at it, find something and toss it aside because it is too soon for them to order or they have gotten so busy with work and family they forget to call you. REMEMBER: the fortune is in the follow-up.prod_1185668_xl
  2. Suggestive selling. If Sue orders a lipstick, suggest a nail polish to go with it. If she orders a cleanser, suggest a toner to go with it.
  3. Read, read, read. Read your Avon Representative Insider News. Read your What’s New. Go through the brochure when it comes and learn what’s on sale. Read beauty and fashion magazines. Find out what the competition is selling and what they ‘re charging.
  4. Print a copy of the Product Reference Guide from youravon.com. There is a wealth of information there on Avon products.
  5. Bundle products. Offer your customers the perfume, shower gel and body lotion, all the same scent, with a small discount if they buy all three. Or bundle the cleanser and toner. Or bundle a day and night cream.prod_1175185_xl
  6. Offer your customers a deal they can’t refuse. Buy three Naturals Shower Gels, get one free. Buy three shampoos, get one free. Buy three bubble baths, get one free. Use any products you want. It cuts a little into your profit, but it increases your cash flow and award sales.
  7. Samples, samples, samples. Put samples of new product in your books. Call your customers back and ask how they liked it. Put a sample or two in their order. When you call them ask how they liked it.
  8. Demos. Pick one or two items from the What’s New and show it everywhere. Seeing is buying. At the end of the campaign, offer to sell your demo at your cost, and use that money to buy the next demo.
  9. Take the Avon University training online. This will give you a wealth of information to use in running your business.

Avon Color – Know the Basics


Apply a drop each to forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. foundationUsing fingertips, a sponge or a wedge, gently blend downward until foundation seems to disappear. Replace every 12 to 18 months.


Dot it directly on dark circles, at the inner corners of your eyes, and on blemishes. Use your ring finger to gently blend. Replace every year.


Smooth lightly over forehead and along nose, then upward over cheeks and chin. Replace every year.


Apply blush starting at the center of cheek under the center of the eye, blending up and out toward the hairline. Blend with brush or fingertips. Replace every year.

Eye Liner

Apply liner close to the lash line on the outer 2/3 of the upper lid, and to the outer 1/3 of lower lid. Smudge liner for a softer look. Replace every year.


Starting from the inner corner of lid, apply lighter shadow outward and continue up and under brow, covering the whole lid. makeupApply a darker shadow in the crease of the lid, blending from the inner corner outward, extending just past the corner of the eye. Carefully blend the shadows together. Replace every year.


Following the natural arch of your brow, use short, feathery strokes to softly fill in with color. Replace every year.


Apply mascara to upper lashes first, holding brush horizontally. Hold brush vertically and apply to lower lashes, using just the tip of the brush. Separate lower lashes with brush if necessary. Replace every 3 months.

Lip Liner

Draw a smooth line from the center to the outer corner of the top lip. Repeat on the other side. Draw a smooth line from corner to corner. Replace every year.

Lip Color

Apply lip color inside lip line. Blend liner and color together to avoid harsh lip lines. Replace every 12 to 18 months.

Nail Colornail polish

First, apply base coat, follow with two coats of nail enamel. Finish with top coat. Replace every year.

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