Avon Prospecting Ideas For Customers & Recruits

Avon Prospecting Ideas For Customers & Recruits

Thought Starter:

Who do YOU know that…

  • has small children, and can use a break for herself? brothers-179375_640-1
  • is retired and can use outside contact to keep from getting bored or lonely?
  • would like to earn money to pay for a new car, new house or a child’s education?
  • is out of work or has a spouse who is?
  • is new in the neighborhood and would like to get to know her new neighbors?
  • recently complained about how expensive things are?

Have you heard of Markita Andrews? She’s the super sales person who, as a 13 year old, held the Girl Scout Cookie Selling Record of selling 10,000 boxes of cookies in one season (40,000 career total) and who, as an adult, continues practicing and teaching Sales Excellence.

She says the secret to selling is to ASK, ASK, ASK! No matter what or where you are, you’re selling!

If you don’t ask, chances are you won’t get! Many people fail because they don’t ask for what they want. The fear of rejection leads them astray. It takes courage to ask for what you want, but as Markita Andrews and many successful Representatives have discovered, is that it gets easier and easier to do the more you do it! Always asking is the key to successful recruiting!

Ask Over The Phone Or In Person!

When setting up the face-to-face appointment, woman-690036_640let your new recruit know that if she invites 3 people to take advantage of the Avon earning opportunity and they accept, Avon will reward her (depending on the leadership incentive at the time of appointment).

Also you can let her know that if she brings a friend to the appointment and her friend decides to become a Representative as well, you will have a special gift for both of them.

Use excess brochures to “soften” an area before you prospect. Leave brochures on doors, in the clear literature bags. Return a few days later to ring that doorbell, introduce yourself, and ASK FOR THE SALE! Conversations will start easy when you ask if they’ve received a book. If you’re too chicken to knock on the door, try looking up addresses (on whitepages.com) to find the phone numbers of the houses where you left brochures. If you FOLLOW UP, you are guaranteed more sales than if you don’t.


45 Ways To Find New Avon Customers

45 Ways to Find New Avon Customers

  1. Take advantage of the advertising of others.IMG_0392
  2. Call others about their ads and offer them your service.
  3. Post flyers in apartment buildings.
  4. Leave brochures at Auto Repair Shops.
  5. Wear a badge.
  6. Wear buttons.
  7. Approach bake sales with Avon’s Fund Raiser.
  8. Let your bank know what your deposit is for, give the teller a book.
  9. Barter – trade your product/service.
  10. Hang a flyer inside a bathroom stall door. Captive audience.
  11. Bring a brochure to a Beauty Salon.
  12. Use bumper stickers/window decals.
  13. Let everyone you ever worked with know what you do.
  14. Make a goal to give out a certain number of business cards per day.
  15. Hand out your business card with all transactions each day. Always ask for a business card in return for yours.
  16. FREE lunch drawings. Put your card in fish bowls.
  17. Get a restaurant to sponsor your drawing.
  18. Magnetize your business cards.
  19. Use your card as a bookmark in the library books. Leave them in the books when you return your library books.
  20. Instead of tear flyers use your business cards at the bottom of the flyer.IMG_0432
  21. Look for bulletin boards and leave a flyer.
  22. Hang a sign on your car window about your business.
  23. Chamber of Commerce – welcome wagons.
  24. Fund Raiser car washes – stop in and tell them about your fundraiser.
  25. Put brochures in all waiting rooms.
  26. Join a club or Network Group.
  27. Corporate Gift Giving. Offer your product.
  28. Leave a LEAD box in businesses you go to a lot.IMG_0445
  29. Go Door-to-Door – introduce yourself and business.
  30. Look on the internet for new bulletin boards/swap and shops to post your products.
  31. Fast Food – where the moms are.
  32. Always keep flyers, brochures and business cards with you to hand out.
  33. Ask former business associates.
  34. Ask former customers.
  35. Ask your present customers for referrals.
  36. Go to garage sales. Give them flyers to pass out for you. Offer a gift/incentive.
  37. Wear a name tag to the grocery store.
  38. Home shows.
  39. Home Owners Associations. Put an ad in their paper.
  40. Advertise in College newspapers and on bulletin boards.
  41. Hospital waiting rooms – Always leave a brochure.
  42. Always wear a logo to the health club.
  43. Do cross promotions with other businesses.
  44. Participate at the county fairs/home town events.
  45. Leave your business cards in public restrooms.

This was given to me by a former manager.

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