Sales Leadership Incentives

Sales Leadership Incentives



The Advanced Leadership Program is for any Representative that would like to take their business to the next level. Advanced_Leadership_Levels_LP_02The Leadership program is an opportunity to share the love of selling, teach others how to sell, train others how to recruit  & build a team and mentor other leaders & develop teams. While you help others build their business you are rewarded for your efforts.


Here are a couple of helpful tools to help you get started in Leadership.


By saying yes to this opportunity, you are saying yes to:

  • Higher earnings,
  • Higher bonuses & prizes
  • Bigger team of representatives & Ambassadors,
  • More exciting opportunities & development with Avon, and
  • More knowledge and skills.


Here is a chart to help you understand the titles of the Advanced Leadership Program and the requirements.

The Guide to Earning Enhancements will explain your earnings while Selling Product, Recruiting Others, Building a Team, Advancing in Rank, Mentoring and Developing Others.


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