How Much Money Do Avon Representatives Make?

How Much Money Do Avon Representatives Make?

An Avon Sales Representative can earn 20%-50% based on Avon’s core products and 20%-25% on fixed earning products (products that have a diamond in front of the product description in the brochure). Fixed earning products are products that Avon receives from other companies. Below is Avon’s order size/earning charts:



You can also earn a residual income when you join Avon’s Sales Leadership Program. You can join by getting your first person started with Avon. In the Sales Leadership Program you are able to build your team nationwide by helping others build theirs. This is also called Network Marketing. You are networking with others to grow your business/team.

Reasons To Become An Avon Representative!

  1. It is only $25 to start.
  2. Unlimited earnings.
  3. Free online website, open 24/7.Sell_Avon
  4. No inventory to keep.
  5. No minimum order size required.
  6. No territories/no parties.
  7. Set your own hours, very flexible.
  8. Great incentive programs and recognition.
  9. Personal and professional growth.
  10. Too busy? You’re just the person we are looking for! Don’t change your lifestyle, just give an Avon brochure to the people you already see everyday.

What Does Avon Expect From Me?

There is only two things that Avon expects from you:

  1. That you place an order every two weeks (per Campaign). It doesn’t matter how big or how small your order is, there is no minimum order size. But I would encourage you to place at least $100+ order. Avon always has some kind of incentive going on and by putting in at least $100 order you should be able to participate in the incentives.
  2. You need to pay for your order in full and on time. Avon will let you know how much you owe at the time you place your order and it will also be on your invoice.

These are the only two requirements that Avon has for you. But I strongly recommend that you do the best job that you can. Avon is a very inexpensive way to start your own business and be your own boss. For just a $25 investment you can have a million dollar business.  That’s no lie! I know many National Senior Executive Unit Leaders in Avon that have such a business. But they worked hard, they were determined to succeed and never gave up. This is an easy and fun business, but it takes a lot of determination and drive to be successful.

Can I Be A Successful Representative?

Avon images 5Yes, you can! Click on the link below, and you will be introduced to men and women that have been very successful in their Avon business. They are all 6-figure income earners. Some are multi-millionaires. They treated their business like a business not a hobby, and NEVER gave up!


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