How Do Avon Representatives Make Money and Get Paid?

How Do Avon Representatives Make Money and Get Paid?

Avon Representatives have customers that they give a brochure to, collect orders/payments and deliver the products. When you place your orders online, Avon will let you know how much you owe, you will have to pay for that order at that time. Since you have collected your payments from your customers you have the money to pay the bill. Whatever money is left after the bill is totally paid, is yours to keep. You will not be receiving a check from Avon.

If you have customers that place and pay for their order online, you will receive 20% earnings on that order. If you are a President’s Club Member you will receive 25% on that order. It will come as a credit to you on your invoice.

If you decide to start Avon’s Leadership Program and you start to grow your team, you will receive bonuses based on your unit sales and those bonuses will then be deposited in the bank account that you have on file with Avon. This will happen twice a month.

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